The 7th International Conference on Advances in Communication and Control: Telecommunications/Signal Processing, Athens, Greece, June 28-July 2, 1999.

Proc. edited by W. Wells, Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA, 2000, 895 pp., ISBN 0-911575-75-8, $150.00

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The technical program featured the following topics:

Antennas/EM I, II, III; ATM I, II; Cellular & Wireless; Networks I, II; Devices/Medical Applications; Signal Processing I, II; Chaotic Communications; RF Transmission; Stochastics; Control Systems; Internal Communications.



D. Efstathiou, Z. Zvonar
Transmitter Design for 3G Base Stations: Enabling Technologies and Component ..... 3

P. Frick
The Remote Engineering Classroom -- Fact or Fiction? ..... 11

I.M. Palombini, B. Sapio, F. Perrella
The Internet and Electronic Commerce: A New Model for a New Business ..... 19

A. Luvison
Reflections on Information Society and Related Technologies ..... 29


I.G. Tigelis; J.L. Vomvoridis
Calculation of High-Frequency Waves in a Beam-Loaded Gyrotron ..... 43

S.N. Livieratos, A.D. Panagopoulos, J.D. Kanellopoulos
Total Interference Analysis Between a Satellite Path and a Microwave Terrestrial System under Raining Conditions ..... 55

M. Vrancken, G.A.E. Vandenbosch
Full Wave Analysis of Flat Plate Slot Array Antennas for Satellite TV Reception ..... 65

J.D. Kanellopoulos, A.D. Panagopoulos
Prediction Analysis of Differential Rain Attenuation on Adjacent Satellite Paths Including Rain Height Effects (Gamma Rays) ..... 77

L. Vegni
The Full Wave Analysis Method for Active Antennas Loaded with Inhomogeneous Materials ..... 87

G.A. Kyriacou; O. Breinbjerg; J.N. Sahalos
Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antennas: A Design Approach ..... 95

P. Shubitidze, R. Zaridze; H. Anastassiu, D. Economou, D.I. Kaklamani, N.K. Uzunoglu
Planar and Conformal Antennas for Mobile Telecommunication ..... 107

T. Bertuch
Electromagnetic Surface-Modelling for Antenna Design Using the Boundary Element Method ..... 117

M.T. Chryssomallis, G.A. Kyriacou
A Microstrip Patch Antenna with Amplifier Integration ..... 127

H.J. Visser, G. Gerini
Theory and Experiments on Planar, Faceted and Curved Array Antennas ..... 133

G.V. Tsoulos, G.E. Athanasiadou
Adaptive Antenna Arrays for Mobile Communications: Advances in Performance and System Considerations and Future Challenges ..... 145

J. Gallardo, M. Hafid, D. Makrakis, A. Hafid
Dive-Based Applications over Ipv6-Capable Networks: Teletraffic Studies and Performance Analysis ..... 157

K. Nikita, C. Kechribaris, N. Uzunoglu; C. Christopoulos
Development of Conformal Antennas for Mobile Phones ..... 169

P. Shubitidze, R. Zaridze, I. Shamatava; K. Nikita, N. Uzunoglu
Analysis of the Handset Antenna and Human Head Interaction Using the Method of Auxiliary Sources ..... 181

D. Babas, E. Vafiadis, J. Sahalos
A Design Method of Nonuniformly Spaced Series-Fed Microstrip Arrays .... 193

J. Sahalos, Ch. Tsironas, Th. Kaifas
On the Design of Conformal Microstrip Antenna Arrays by the Orthogonal Method ..... 205

H. Anastassiu; V. Petrovic; D. Kaklamani, N. Uzunoglu
Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering From Jet Engine Inlets Using the Method of Auxiliary Sources (MAS) ..... 217


M. Carbonelli, D. Percchini, D. De Seta
Simulation Results for CBR Service Jitter Performance in ATM Networks Using the Adaptive Clock Recovery Method ..... 229

G. Kormentzas, K. Kontovasilis; J. Soldatos, E. Vayias, N. Mitrou
An ATM-Switch-Independent MIB for Portable Deployment of Traffic Control Algorithms ..... 237

A. Kasiolas, D. Makrakis
Application of Fuzzy Congestion Control in ABR-Controlled Transfer (CT) Service, Under Realistic Traffic Models ..... 263

H. Hussmann; B.F. Koch; G.K. Mamais, I.S. Vinieris
An Edge Device for Supporting QoS on IP over ATM Networks ..... 277

P. Stavroulakis, K.D. Andreadis, H.G. Sandalidis
A Hopfield Neural Network Multicast Switch for ATM Networks ..... 287

I.S. Venieris, I. Pikrammenos, A. Markou
Telecommucations Management Network Enhancements due to the Vb5.2 Implementation ..... 295

A. Kasiolas, D. Makrakis
Fuzzy Logic Based Traffic Control in High Speed ATM Networks ..... 305

C. Fragouli, R. Wesel
Convolutional Codes and Matrix Control Theory ..... 317

Z. Gal, G. Terdik, E. Igloi
An Analysis of ATM Traffic Generated by Local Network ..... 329


D.B. Medved
Broadband Wireless Communications to OC 192 (10 Gbps) and Beyond ..... 343

E. Frantzeskakis, P. Koukoulas
An Optimal Carrier Recovery Technique Appropriate for Wireless Burst Transmission ..... 355

C. Douligeris, Z. Mao
Two Location-Based Tracking Strategies for PCS Systems ..... 367

G. Karagianidis, C. Georgopoulos, S. Kotsopoulos
Outrage Probability Analysis for Indoor Pico-Cellular Communications Systems ..... 379

C. Komninakis, R. Wesel
Interactive Joint Channel Estimation and Decoding in Flat Correlated Rayleigh Fading ..... 385

M. Zaki, D. Makrakis
Integrated Services over IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN with QoS Capabilities .... 391

D. Makrakis, D.S. Hundal, J.R. Gallardo
A Protocol with QoS Policies for Integrated Traffic Wireless Networks ..... 403

S. Van Der Meer, S. Arbanowski; R. Popescu-Zeletin
Environment-aware Applications: Integrating Mobile Communications and Ubiquitous Computing ..... 415


P. Karmazin; A. Liveris, Y. Papadimitriou; N. Moshopoulos, G. Stassinopoulos
A Combined Hardware/Software Ethernet Protocol Implementation for Embedded DSP Based Environments ..... 431

C.M. Balictsis, P. Vetter, C. Martin, I. Van De Voorde, G.I. Eilenberger
Operation Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) Aspects of a WDM- Upgraded SuperPON System ..... 443

F. Chatzipapadopoulos, O. Pyrovolakis, I. Venieris
Flexible Application of Object Oriented Technologies to Distributed Intelligent Networks ..... 453

M. Logothetis, G. Kokkinakis
An Improved Algorithm for Spare- and Working-Channel Capacity Design in Integrated Self-Healing Networks ..... 463

M. Angulo, J.R. Gallardo, D.Makrakis
Adaptive QoS Scheme Based on Prediction of Alpha Stable Self-Similar Traffic ..... 475

M. Logothetis, G. Kokkinakis, A. Galani
Evaluation of a Path Bandwidth Allocation Scheme in Large-Scale Telecommunication Networks -- Application to the Greek Long-Distance Telephone Network ..... 483

G. Mazzini, A. Giovanardi
A Simuluted Multi-Traffic Approach for Polling WLAN Systems ..... 495

G. Mazzini, A. Giovanardi; M. Shanin
Simulation of CSMA WLAN Systems with Hidden Terminal and Advanced Capture Effects ..... 505

O.I. Pyrovolakis, F.G. Chatzipapadopoulos, M.K. Perdikeas, I.S. Venieris
Designing Advanced Services for Distributed Intelligent Broadband Networks ..... 519

A. Papadakis, V. Stathopoulos; F. Zizza
Introduction of DOT-MAT in IN Architecture: The MARINE Approach ..... 531

I. Pountourakis
Analysis of a Synchronous "Tell and GO" WDMA Protocol ..... 543

E. Karagianni, N. Uzunoglu
A Monolithic GaAs Fet Low Noise Amplifier Design for a SUB-SDH 51.84 Mb/s ..... 555


B. Akgun
A Massively Parallel Signal Processing System ..... 567

T. Antonakopoulos, D. Papadimatos, V. Makios
Performance of Audio and Visual Information in Telmatics Speech Therapy Applications ..... 585

Y. Kakad, B. Sherlock
Windowed Discrete Cosine Transform for Shifting Data ..... 597

F. Chatzipapadopoulos, M.M. Perdikeas, I.S. Venieris
A Scheme for the Efficient Provision of Multimedia Services within a UMTS Environment ..... 605

P. Varzakas, G.S. Tambras
Spectral Efficiency for TDMA and Direct-Sequence CDMA in Cellular Systems ..... 613

N. Levan, J. Pham
On Relationship Between the Shift Operators in Wavelet Theory ..... 621

N. Papamarkos, C. Strouthopoulos
Multithresholding of Gray-Level Images Via a SOFM ..... 633

J. Pham, N. Levan
A Wavelet Packet and Wandering Subspaces Representation for Signal Classification and Identification ..... 643

A. De Santis, A. Manikas
Adaptive Delay Synchronization and Reception in DS-CDMA Communications Systems ..... 669

F. Harris
Band Edge Filtering and Processing for Timing and Carrier Recovery ..... 681


G. Mazzini, R. Rovatti, G. Setti
Chaotic (n,t)-Tailed Shifts as Nearly Optimal DS-CDMA Seqience Generators ..... 691

C.C. Chen, K. Yao
Basic Issues in Chaotic Communication Systems ..... 703

N. Rulkov, M. Sushchik, L. Tsimring, A. Volkovskii, H. Abarbanel, L. Larson; K. Yao
Digital Communication using Chaotic Pulse Generators ..... 715


A. Alexandridis, K. Dangakis, P. Kostarakis
Accurate Measurements of Received RF Power ..... 727

C.E. Dimakis, I.K. Nissopolos, S.S. Kouris
The Effect of Metric Modification on the Performance of TCM and Concatenated Systems over Rayleigh Fading Channels ..... 735

C. Georgopoulos
Minimization of Mutual Interference in Infrared Communication Systems Through /f Diagrams ..... 745

W.M. Merril, N. Alexopoulos
Communication in Dense Forest: The Collective Effect of Foliage ..... 757

G. Pantos, Ph. Constantinou; A. Kourtis
Simulation of an OFDM Transmission System Using Smooth and Monotonic Phase Variations ..... 765


B. Almasi, J. Sztrik
Reliabiity Analysis of Finite-Source Information Systems with Different Clients ..... 775

A. Kiki, M. Arato, Z. Lencse
Experimental News Distribution System ..... 783

C. Steriadis, P. Constantinou
GSM-1800 Power Density Estimations in Relation with CENELEC Standards ..... 787

O. Alvarez-Salazar, G. Wang
A Novel Gust Monitoring Device ..... 793


A.R. Stubberud
Sequential Linear Estimates Under State Constraints ..... 809

A. Pacut, S. Soszynski; W. Kolodziej
Comparison of Optimal and ANN Nonlinear Feedback Controllers ..... 819

C. Vassiliadis, M. Dobrynine
The Use of Intelligent Agents in Control and Other Applications ..... 827

S. Stubberud, M. Owen
A Neural Network Augmented Kalman Filter for Fault Diagnosis ..... 835

B. Tibken, F. Lehn, E.P. Hofer
Quadratic Control Lyapunov Functions for Bilinear Systems ..... 845

Y. Yahiaoui, R. Mohler, G. Mpitsos
Bilinear System Model of the Action Potential of a Single Neuron ..... 855

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